Care Net at the Fitchburg High Health Fair

Care Net PRC attends the Fitchburg High Health FairOn Thursday, October 19th, Care Net PRC attended the Fitchburg High Health Fair. One of their displays said; EXPECT—ENGAGE—EDUCATE.  And that goes with our goal of engaging healthy discussions and educating about sex.  Our message is to wait until marriage.  Our handouts explain solid reasons to wait.  From the booklet, “The Facts about STDS” we learn that 110 million Americans are now infected with an incurable STD.  Another booklet, “For Guys Only” tells a story about a high schooler that felt he was left out because he was still a virgin.  So, in college he decided to catch up.  He said, “The first year of having sex I got two viral STIs.  The hardest part is now it affects my marriage.  No sex I had before has been worth the risk of hurting my wife now.”  “For Girls Only.”  Some girls think if they really love the guy then sex must be okay.  But sex outside of marriage is just a quick moment of pleasure….if you’re lucky.  Many times the guy gets the thrill and the girl gets the test.  Our “True Love Test” bookmark gives some expectations that will engage and educate.  Like, is your love patient, does he/she listen to you, are they kind and not possessive, do they treat you with respect, and want the best for you, do they always trust you and deserve your trust.

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