Before You Decide

A woman faced with an unplanned pregnancy has three very different choices. Get the facts about:

1. Abortion – before considering termination you need to get all the facts. You owe it to yourself to learn about the procedures, the medical risks, and the possible emotional and spiritual consequences that come with this decision. Care Net has medically accurate information for you.


Be sure to have your pregnancy confirmed by a doctor. An ultrasound will be able to confirm the presence of a live pregnancy as early as six weeks after your last period. Our center can offer you an obstetrical ultrasound to confirm your pregnancy.

2. Adoption – can be the right answer for some women. An adoption agency will show you profiles of many families. You can meet potential parents, the choice is yours. With adoption you can give your child what you are unable to provide for him/her now. With open adoption you can receive information and pictures as your child grows. We have agency referrals and much more information in our office.


3. Parenting – even if the pregnancy was unexpected, you could choose to parent your baby. We offer supportive classes and resources for your assistance. Our caring staff will provide information about pregnancy, infant care and parenting skills. We are here for you all the way!

DecisionsHow do I decide?

Take time to think it through.

Abortion versus Adoption

Similarities: With both you can pursue your goals, live independently and not need to parent prematurely. You will also have the freedom from financial pressures, you can resume your education or career.

Differences: You can hold and name your baby with adoption, with abortion you will never know your baby. With adoption you can have continued contact, with abortion you will miss seeing your child develop. Bethany Christian Services © 1997-2011


Disclaimer: This list of referral agencies is intended solely for your convenience. None of these agencies are affiliated with this center, and no express or implied warranty is made concerning the quality of services or goods offered by them. You are therefore cautioned to make your own determination as to the fitness of each such agency to provide the services or goods that you seek.


This pregnancy center offers many services to women facing unplanned pregnancies including free pregnancy tests, non-medical pregnancy consultations, and education about abortion. This center does not offer abortions or abortion referrals.