You might be pregnant if

  • You have missed one or more menstrual periods
  • You have tenderness/swelling in your breasts
  • You are nauseous or experience changes in appetite
  • You need to urinate more frequently
  • You are gaining or losing weight for no apparent reason

We understand that none of your choices are easy. But we are confident that armed with the proper information you can make a great choice! Let us help. Call today: 978-342-4244.

Care Net offers a lab quality pregnancy test that detects the presence of the pregnancy hormone hCG, 10 days from conception. Results in 3 minutes or less. Licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

This pregnancy center offers many free services to men and women facing unplanned pregnancies including counseling, pregnancy tests, obstetrical ultrasounds and Confirmation of Pregnancy. Medical services are provided by our licensed nurses. Confirmation of Pregnancy will be given once your ultrasound has been read by our licensed physician and physician signature obtained on the ultrasound report. You will be informed about how far along you are in pregnancy and given an estimated due date based on your ultrasound measurements.

This center does not offer abortions or abortion referrals. We do offer education about abortion and abortion alternatives.